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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


This has been the best Christmas. Christmas Eve we went to my Mom's for Christmas with my family. We gave my mother a massager. She loved it. We left there and went to James' mother's home for their Christmas. This year was a milestone for her. She is a breast cancer survivor and this is her 4 year anniversay. Everyone gave her something to celebrate that. My Sister in law and her family knitted a blanket for her with the pink ribbon and Nana on it. She got a cap with the pink ribbon embroidered on the back of it with her name under the ribbon. We got her pink camo pants. As soon as she pulled them out of the box she was trying to put them on. It was great.

Christmas morning the kids woke us to let us know Santa had been here. Santa even dropped his hat in front of the door before he left. Cody is the only one to still believe so that was the highlight for him. Before they opened anything we read them a thank you we got from a woman with 5 children we helped for Christmas. She had her paycheck stolen just days before Christmas and was unable to buy Christmas dinner or presents. We gave her enough to buy Christmas dinner and 1 gift for each child. They lit up like a Christmas tree when they found out Santa visited the children after all. That was the best gift to them. Shawn got a stereo, Hope a karoke machine and Cody a guitar.

My hubby had me in tears with his gift to me. My father died March of last year. The day of the funeral I had put on my 3 stone diamond pendant necklace. When we got in the car to leave for the funeral I noticed the clasp on my necklace broke. I looked down and the pendant was gone. We searched as long as we could and never found it. I don't know if it fell off in the house or outside but it was gone. I opened my gift box and DH had replaced it. It was the exact same 3 stone diamond pendant. I went straight to tears. That was the absolute best thing he could have got me. I felt like my father was with me.

I posted some of the pictures - Hope you enjoy!

Christmas Morning 2006

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More Christmas 2006 Pictures

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Christmas 2006 pictures

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